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  • The $99 one-time price was too good to be true at the beginning. I did the research and I studied and found out it is true. It's a one-time fee, it's $99 and gives me lots of features.

    Nina Kashefpour Toronto, ON

    Nina Kashefpour
  • WebsiteBox is known for having really good SEO, now they are going to be known for having a really great price point. I think people are going to be really surprised when they find out what they can get for $99.

    Michael Weaver Indianapolis, IN

    Michael Weaver
  • We have been through many websites over the years, but WebsiteBox has proven themselves to be far superior above the rest. Great content, great quality and exceptional customer service for $99, our search is over!

    Ifoma & Hazel Pierre Queens, NY

    Ifoma & Hazel Pierre
  • The support team will help you and make sure the job gets done. They really know what they are doing. I was so grateful for them because I am not techie. I am so happy about everything. For $99.00 forever, I feel like dancing! I still can't believe it!

    Cat Stevens Miramar Beach, FL

    Cat Stevens
  • I was thinking of investing a lot of money into a website and then I came across WebsiteBox. I am very tech savvy and I loved the fact that I am able to design the site and make it look the way I want. The best thing is that I no longer have to pay a monthly bill for my website.

    Guillermo Ley Miami, FL

    Guillermo Ley
  • Compared to all the other website providers, I can actually get everything I need for an unbeatable price. The IDX integration and customization was what drew me to WebsiteBox. I love the fact that I am able to build a clean and professional site with ease.

    Michael Hinderberger Newport Beach, CA

    Michael Hinderberger
  • I am extremely impressed by WebsiteBox. Every other comparable website provider is in the $600-$2000 range, not to mention the additional $30-$50 month for IDX hosting. There was a slight learning curve but after figuring out the technology I have spent more time looking for pictures ...

    Jeff Royle Orlando, FL

    Jeff Royle
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